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Knowing When to Get a Domestic Violence Attorney

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | family law attorney

Family law can be a complicated world to deal with, and if you’re someone who’s been affected by domestic violence, then you may want to consider a domestic violence lawyer. Here at the Law Offices of Jorge L. Gonzalez, P.A., we have a dedicated team of legal specialists well-versed in the world of family law. Our priority is our clients and ensuring that they’re protected and have all their needs catered to, but how do you know when it’s a good idea to hire a family law attorney? Let us share our knowledge so that you understand what to do when faced with these conflicts.

More About Domestic Violence

What is domestic violence? These are cases where someone in a relationship expresses dangerous behavior in order to control someone. A common misconception is that domestic violence is when a man takes advantage of a woman he’s in a relationship with, but the term is broader than that. Anyone can become a victim of domestic violence, regardless of gender, as can anyone commit acts of domestic violence. This also applies to same-sex couples or polyamorous relationships as well, or even cases that are not romantic. Cases between roommates or family members also can apply. It also doesn’t have to be physical. Physical or sexual assault are alarming acts of domestic violence, but these are also applicable:

  • Putting down or name-calling
    • Excessive and aggressive name-calling may seem harmless, but it can be psychologically destructive, especially if the word usage is extreme.
  • Preventing a partner from contacting friends and family
    • Telling someone they can’t see their friends or family members, fighting about this, and potentially taking action to prevent them from doing so are all examples of domestic violence.
  • Preventing a partner from getting or maintaining a job
    • Similarly to preventing a partner from seeing friends and family, preventing them from going to work or pursuing word is the same.
  • Threatening a partner
    • Violent threats, even if lacking the actual violence, can also be a concern, especially if it’s something that happens constantly.

Hiring a family law attorney is a very important step in remediating a dangerous case of domestic violence. They can help you take the steps you need to be safe, such as filing a restraining order or helping with divorce documents. Remember again that anyone can be a victim, and thus anyone who’s being exposed to domestic violence has the right to an attorney.

Why Consider a Domestic Violence Lawyer?

When it comes to family law in general, having a lawyer is the best way to protect yourself and other family members. Things can easily get complicated when handling any kind of family case, whether domestic violence, divorce, child custody, or other family law cases. Even in the best case scenarios, such as a mutual divorce with no hard feelings, having lawyers can help each client firmly establish their lines and boundaries to ensure that everything goes smoothly and no one is taken advantage of. Handling these cases yourself can leave you vulnerable to exploitation or unfair treatment that can permanently impact the rest of your life. For these reasons, considering a lawyer is a very important decision to make.

Contact Us for a Family Law Attorney

When you’re in need of a domestic violence lawyer in Doral, FL, then look no further than the Law Offices of Jorge L. Gonzalez, P.A. Our legal experts work to help ensure that you are represented and are provided with the appropriate protection and compensation for your cases. When faced with family law, you need someone well-versed in the system that’s looking out for you so that you aren’t taken advantage of. These are critical times that can have long-lasting impacts on the rest of your life, so contact us for all your questions regarding your case.