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Advice If You Are Concerned About Your Dog & Dealing With a Divorce

There are a whole slew of problems that need to be solved during a divorce. Who stays in the house? Who keeps the car? And of course, who will take care of the dog? Dogs in today’s society are increasingly considered “part of the family,” and divorcing dog owners face particular challenges. Care and custody arrangements, division of expenses, and…

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What Exactly Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

A probate lawyer is a state-licensed attorney whose job is to advise personal representatives. They are also called executors, and function as the beneficiaries of an estate on how to settle the final affairs of a deceased person. Most of the time, a probate lawyer (who is also called an estate lawyer or an estate attorney), is responsible for walking…

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What Does a Probate Attorney Do?

Have you eveWillard of a probate attorney or an estate planning attorney? These may be law professionals that you need! Here at the Law Offices of Jorge L. Gonzales, P.A., our team of professionals are here to make sure that you get all the information you need to get you the legal expertise you are looking for. We are conveniently…

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What are the pros and cons of filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy ?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The decision to declare for bankruptcy is a very personal one. There are people that believe you should never file. For them, it’s something that should be illegal to go bankrupt or an absolutely wrong thing to do. Others, don’t see it that way, and see it for what it is, a civil right found within our laws as well…

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¿Cuáles son los Pros y Contras de una bancarrota capítulo 7?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] La decisión de declararse en bancarrota es algo muy personal. Hay personas que creen que nunca deben hacerlo. Para ellos es algo que no debe ser legal o es completamente incorrecto. Otros lo ven como un derecho que nos ofrecen nuestras leyes civiles para el beneficio de la familia y bienestar económico de la misma. Uno de los pros…

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