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Advice If You Are Concerned About Your Dog & Dealing With a Divorce

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There are a whole slew of problems that need to be solved during a divorce. Who stays in the house? Who keeps the car? And of course, who will take care of the dog? Dogs in today’s society are increasingly considered “part of the family,” and divorcing dog owners face particular challenges. Care and custody arrangements, division of expenses, and arguments over who the family dog likes the most can add strain to an already tough situation. However, splitting up the family doesn’t necessarily mean disaster for your beloved canine. Read on to learn more about what a pet custody agreement can do for your divorce as well as how it can assist in making divorce as smooth as possible for both the dog and the family. If you are looking online for “divorce lawyers near me” in Doral, FL, call the Law Offices of Jorge L.Gonzalez, P.A. for an appointment today.

Divorce Affects Pets

Unfortunately, divorce is one of the biggest reasons that people rehome or relinquish their dogs. Hundreds of thousands of dogs go into the shelter system every single year due to divorcing couples. It’s crucial to remember that those who choose to do so are not monsters for rehoming their dogs, but rather people who are going through an incredibly stressful time. Most of the time, they are making a decision that they think is in the interests of the dog. However, studies have shown again and again that what’s best for the dog is a loving, stable home with an established routine, and rehoming a dog to a shelter is typically not in their best interest. The stress of arguing at home and joint custody can also result in anxiety or misbehaving in your dog. Canines are creatures of habit, and divorce can cause a huge shift in routine. If your dog has been accustomed to being in a home with two people, now they may be splitting time between two homes and two different schedules. A dog who has always been house-trained may have a few accidents, or a previously quiet dog may start to bark anxiously.

A Pet Custody Agreement

If you’re googling, “divorce lawyers near me,” then it is most likely that you want to know how the law treats dogs of divorce. In the eyes of the law, family dogs are still treated as community property so that in cases that go to court for a custody dispute, it is uncommon that the judge will consider who took care of the dog or whose side of the bed the dog likes the most. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of divorce, you don’t necessarily have to take the issue of pet custody to court. Having a signed and notarized pet agreement in place early on in a marriage can assist in preventing difficult battles over custody of your dog as well as other heartaches in the unfortunate case of divorce.

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Having a pet custody agreement in your prenup may be a wise choice for those who are attached to their pooch. If you are looking online for “divorce lawyers near me” in the Doral, FL area, call the Law Offices of Jorge L. Gonzalez, P.A. for an appointment.