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What Types of Cases Does a Family Law Attorney Handle?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | family law attorney

Here at the Law Offices of Jorge L. Gonzalez, P.A., our team of professionals handle an array of cases. We cover everything from divorce to prenuptial agreements. When it comes to a family lawyer near me, our law professionals are here to help. Check out all the many case types we cover. You can count on our family law attorney to give you the best results around Doral, FL.

What Type of Cases Do We Handle?

  • Divorce
    • The divorce process can be very emotional and traumatic for everyone it touches. This is not only because it affects the members of an immediate family, spouses or former spouses, and minor children, but because it often involves money and property. Marriage partners often do not know their legal rights and obligations, and that’s why it’s recommended that you obtain legal advice concerning your rights, your children’s rights, your property rights, as well as your responsibilities resulting from the marriage and subsequent dissolution.
  • Child Support
    • Child support is the obligation to make payments for the financial care and support of your child during and after a separation or divorce. Courts may order one parent to pay a specific amount to the other parent to cover part of a child’s expenses, such as food, clothing, housing, education, health insurance, medical care, activities, childcare, and special needs. Both parents have the responsibility to support their children in accordance with their needs and financial abilities. Support may be by direct payment or by income withholding order, which is automatically deducted by the payor spouse’s employer.
  • Paternity & Custody
    • To establish paternity, any woman who is pregnant or has a child, and any man who has reason to believe that he is the father of a child, may bring proceedings to determine the paternity of the child. A child may also bring proceedings to determine paternity when it has not been established. In any proceeding to establish paternity, the court may require the child, mother, and alleged father to submit to DNA tests. The easiest way is for both parents to sign a form, under oath, stating that the child is theirs.
  • Post & Pre-Nuptial Agreements
    • Love and trust are important ingredients in a marriage, as well as communication. However, talking about who gets what, who does what, and who owes what may be a wise topic of conversation to show how much you trust one another. Preparing a Pre- or Post-Nuptial Agreement before or during a marriage is the solution to protect one’s assets and income from the claims of a future or current spouse.
  • Domestic Violence
    • The domestic violence may happen between a number of potential candidates. Spouses, ex-spouses, relatives by blood or marriage, anyone else who lives or has lived together in the same house as a family unit, or any persons who are parents of a child in common, regardless of whether they have been married, can count. Any of these who commits domestic violence or has reasonable cause to believe he/she is in imminent danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence, and it appears to the court that an immediate and present danger of domestic violence exists, will count as a domestic violence case.

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The Law Offices of Jorge L. Gonzalez serve clients throughout the State of Florida by providing effective and aggressive representation in matters of family law, divorce, child support, paternity, adoption, pre and post-nuptial agreements, probate cases, bankruptcy, and traffic tickets.

The Law Offices of Jorge L. Gonzalez focuses on a variety of practice areas including divorces, paternity, custody, child support, post and prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, wills, traffic defense, DUI, bankruptcy chapter 7, garnishment and evictions, among others in the State of Florida. Our team of legal professionals is well trained to assist both English and Spanish speaking clients.

It doesn’t matter if you speak English or Spanish or any other language, we are committed to protecting our client’s rights by providing professional, legal representation in all of the matters we undertake. A language barrier with your attorney should never diminish your right to effective representation and timely investigation of your case.

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We are here to help when it comes to a family law attorney. We are here to make it a little less stressful. If you are looking for an estate planning attorney who will get the job done, the Law Offices of Jorge L. Gonzales, P.A., are here to make sure you get exactly what you need. We are conveniently located in Doral, FL. Call our family lawyer near me today for more information.