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You can keep everything except my Pet!

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Family Law


The love that we have for our dogs, cats and pets is only matched by the love we have for our own kids. LOL. In all the years of litigating these types of cases of separating and divorcing clients from their spouses with pets, I’ve had difficult situations and arguments involving the family pet that both sides want to keep.

The questions are always invariably the same. If I’m unable to keep my pets, can we at least share their custody amicably, splitting the expenses of their care in an enforceable Order? If no one can care for my pet like I do, and even pay for its health insurance, etc. will it be awarded to me? What are my rights if I paid the purchase price, but my Wife ended up registering my black Labrador in her name? If my pets need and are used to living with a backyard, and hate small apartments, will I get my pets in Court?

The answer to a lot of these questions lie in the fact that our Florida laws treat our beloved pets simply as personal property. Unfortunately, because Florida laws treat our pets as if they were a piece of furniture, we are not allowed to share their custody and their expenses unless we reach a side agreement in that regard. Otherwise, one party wins and the other loses the pet in Court.

For all these reasons, it’s important to retain the services of an experienced attorney in these matters, to make sure that you fight for that family pet with the power of justice and the solutions we offer within your reach.

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